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qkCLEAN is a system guaranteed to have a sanitized keyboard for your users. Think about it, every time you touch the keyboard of your computer, you are in effect touching thousand if not millions of germs and microorganisms that have accumulated on it. To make matters worse, if this is a public-use computer, such as in the library, office vestibule or school, you are in effect touching the germs of hundreds of people that touched the keyboard before you.  read more

"Computer keyboards could cause food poisoning and other illnesses".   
Information Week
" Keyboards 'dirtier than a toilet'"     
BBC News

  • No Staff Involvement
  • Guaranteed that it gets done
  • Controlled and trackable process that eliminates most everything on keyboard
  • Protects your users with no additional expenses
  • On-going
  • Control Software allows you to setup rules and run reports
  • qkCLEAN is a device that prevents use of the keyboard UNTIL it automatically senses and dispenses hand disinfectant to your patrons. It plugs in into your USB port and prevents any use of the computer keyboard and mouse until the disinfections process has been successfully performed.

    By enforcing this process to gain access to the keyboard, you are eliminating most everything that's bad on your keyboard in a controlled manner from user to user.

    All kinds of Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Mold and even Dust Mites are instantly eliminated via the qkCLEANprocess.

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    qkCLEAN The E.Coli virus is a very serious organism that can easily get transmitted from one user to next via the keyboard. With no protection, you and your users are left to random chance. qkCLEAN eliminates this chance from happening.
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    Community Centers
    Day-Care Centers
    Work Office
    Home Office
    Internet Cafe
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