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Today, in the world we live on, it is YOUR responsibility to protect and secure your patrons, customers, users, employees from harm. From contagious diseases, to bacteria, to various threats we must do everything possible to provide safe and secure environment.

qkCLEAN™ is a device that makes you a responsible "HERO". You are taking control and doing something about a growing social problem - you are being proactive. For a small one-time price, you are preventing dangerous and in some cases lethal diseases from spreading throughout your community for many years to come.

...all get accumulated on the keyboard for the "next" user
Q) What is the "Big Picture" A) There are millions of tiny, disgusting micro-organisms and bacteria accumulating on the keyboard that you are using now. qkCLEAN™ simply kills them dead by preventing them getting on to the keyboard in the first place..
Q) Why is this different?

The unique concept behind qkCLEAN™ is that it guarantees the most effective use of the of the sanitizer to eliminate bacteria by preventing it getting on the keyboard surface in the first place. By making it mandatory or driven by the rules that YOU setup, you are eliminating contagious disease built up in the most effective and economical way. Advantages are simple:

  • Guaranteed Effectiveness - the software monitors and makes sure that the process has been performed.
  • Control Usage - You know that they did it and how many times and when
  • No staff involvement - users do it all themselves
  • Quick - (less than 7 seconds operation)
  • Continuous - Due to control aspect of the software every user that touches that keyboard will go through this process to gain access throughout the day.
Q) What is included?

The standard qkCLEAN™ includes:

  • A complete system that you simple place behind your keyboard.
  • Power adapter
  • USB cable to plug into your computer.
  • A software CD with the qkCLEAN-Control™ software.
  • Instruction Manual
Q) If there is a problem, how am I supported? We provide you a support line that you can call during normal business hours. In addition, we have a 24/7/365 automated system that will route any call to one of our technical representatives. We guarantee you a call-back within an hour with your problem resolution.
Q) Is there a money-back guarantee? Absolutely, if you are not happy with the performance of the qkCLEAN™ system, return it for a full refund (less S/H), and you can "keep your germs" :)
Q) Is the included software updated? We provide you with a secure link to our "Downloads" area where you can update the control software to the latest released version.
Q) How do I know I am doing it right? A) You simply follow on-screen animations. The qkCLEAN™ system will only dispense the sanitizer if it detects hand movement with its electronic eye. Nothing else will make it work. Everything is animation so even kids can easily do it.
Q) Can I use it with my DELL keyboard A) qkCLEAN™ is an universal add-on that works with any keyboard. Simply place the device next to the the keyboard, plug in power and USB cord and you are done.
Q) What do I need to install the system? qkCLEAN™ works with all flavors of Windows XP and Vista, Windows-7 and soon Apple's iOS, requires one USB port and uses about 35MB HD.
Works with all flavors of Windows XP, Vista and Windows-7. Requires USB port.
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"The superhighways for bacteria are hands and the surfaces we touch."

Professor Sally Bloomfield, microbiologist

"Half the people surveyed by the magazine said they clean their keyboards less than once a month. Ten percent said they never clean their keyboards, and 20% said they never clean their mouse. "

Which? Computing magazine

"The average office has hundreds of times more bacteria than a toilet seat, and women spread more germs in the workplace than men."

Associated Press, 7/29/08