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What is included with qkCLEAN™?
With qkCLEAN you don't just get a powerful germ-cleaning device, you also get a complete software package that operates, controls and maintains the proper usage of qkCLEAN. We call this package qkCLEAN-Control™.

With qkCLEAN-Control™ you can control that the qkCLEAN™ process is performed every time the computer is used. Furthermore, you can run daily, weekly, monthly reports that will tell you exactly how many times qkCLEAN  has been used as well as setup various rules and conditions of qkCLEAN should operate.

"On-screen animations guide users through the process"

How do you use it?

1) Simply place your hands under
2) A disinfectant solution is dispensed to you
3) YOU ARE DONE !! - the keyboard is fully enabled.

Millions of germs, bacteria, organisms...are now gone. Was that simple? Are those 10 seconds worth your health and well-being?

(If you don't follow these steps, the computer keyboard is made inoperable until you do - there is no choice for the user but to follow these steps, unless you change this behavior by the rules that you specify via qkCLEAN-Control™)

"With the included software not only am I providing valuable protection, but I am also assured that the process that I define is followed and that ALL patrons that touch public-use computers (and even my staff) are germ-free. Now that's public service I can feel good about!"
Joe Galbrath / Moorestown Public Library

Here is how it works.

To do this...
You must do this:
Done !

If you are ever lost or not sure what to do, simply follow on-screen animations - simple isn't?

qkCLEAN The entire qkCLEAN™ process takes less than 10 seconds to perform. In that time, virtually all of living micro-organisms on your hands are eliminated and are never deposited on to the keyboard - the keyboard essentially remains basically new.
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Q) How do I know I am doing it right? A) You simply follow on-screen animations. The qkCLEAN™ system tracks the dispensing of the sanitizing liquid within a specific time. If something is s not correct it will prompt you to repeat it.
Q) Can I use it with my DELL keyboard A) qkCLEAN™ is universal add-on that works with any keyboard. Anything that uses a keyboard or needs touch. Simply place next to the the device, run the software and you are ready.