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qkCLEAN is an industry proven method that is done everyday now, except qkCLEAN makes it mandatory, simple and trackable. The disinfecting solutions are being purchased and placed by the machines all the time, but what assurance do you have that they are indeed being used? What assurance do you have that you are protecting your employees, your public, yourself?

qkCLEAN software disables the ability to use the computer keyboard and mouse until the user presents their hands to a special automated disinfectant dispenser. Once the dispenser senses the presence of hands, it dispenses a controlled amount of sanitizer to the user. At that time, the transaction is recorded and the keyboard is allowed to be used.

"Since the use of sanitizing liquid is now mandatory and consistent, the effectiveness of our 'sanitizing dollars' is enormous"

What is qkCLEAN™?
qkCLEAN is a combination of software and smart hardware that detects, dispenses the hand sanitizing liquid to your users.

qkCLEAN has shown to be a highly effective method of destroying harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, E.coli, Staphylococcus and Salmonella, as well as germs that cause the flu and common cold. Simple and Effective.

Imagine being able to provide reports that show that you have potentially stopped 100's of
potential cold or flu outbreaks - now you can.

qkCLEAN is automatic - it senses the hand presence and dispenses the exact amount of disinfectant at a time, all the time. There is no need to touch anything (thereby totally negating the whole purpose of public sanitizing)

qkCLEAN is not specific to any kind of a sanitizing liquid. You are free to purchase any industry standard sanitizing liquid - it will work with qkCLEAN . Furthermore, you can now save by purchasing it in bulk, as the qkCLEAN dispenser eliminates the need to repurchase costly hand dispensers.

Here is what a single qkCLEAN  process does:
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E.Coli Bacteria - DEAD
Staphylococcus - DEAD
Salmonella - DEAD
qwertyClean Since 1700's the medical establishment has been preaching the value of consistent hand-washing throughout the day. Why wouldn't the same apply to the keyboard that we use?

qkCLEAN is a safe process that does to your keyboard what you do to hands when you thoroughly wash them.
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qkCLEAN™ Software
Included free with every purchase, the software guarantees that the user will perform the proper operation necessary to disinfect their hands PRIOR to keyboard usage. In addition, qkCLEAN control software keeps track of when/how it was used and can be used to generate detailed statistical reports.