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Simply qkCLEAN is protection for you from your keyboard. Every time someone touches the keyboard of your computer, they are in effect depositing millions of germs and microorganisms on it, which accumulate over time from user to user. Even if you are the only one using this keyboard throughout the day, bacteria grows on from use to use. In a public-use computer, such as in the library, office or school, you are in effect touching the germs of hundreds of people that touched the keyboard before you!

An estimated 1.7 million infections and nearly 100,000 associated deaths each year in the USA alone occur in healthcare-associated infections alone!

"80 percent of flues and colds are caught by simply touching a surface."

Phone: 25,127 germs per square inch qkCLEAN
Desktop Surface: 20,961 germs per square inch qkCLEAN
Keyboard: 3,295 germs per square inch qkCLEAN
Mouse: 1,676 germs per square inch qkCLEAN
Fax Machine: 301 germs per square
If there was any doubt to the number of germs present on any typical office area, these numbers should prove it.

qkCLEAN™  is the only product that provides you and your users complete protection without any additional expenses, or extra staff, or change in current behavior...plus you get the benefit of tracking and reporting your usage progress.
The users must follow the qkCLEAN process or the access to the computer is prevented- you are guaranteed 100% protection and control ! qkCLEAN
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With every qkCLEANsystem you also get complete qkCLEAN™-Control  software package that allows you complete control of as well as reporting capabilities for your qkCLEAN. At any time, you can run detailed reports showing when and how often each qkCLEAN has been used and if the process was followed. Rules are set so that no activity can occur unless the process is fully followed. See HOW IT WORKS  section for more information.